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We want our customers to have an immediate success when they implement our products. That’s why we offer an array of services designed to get you up and running in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort. We can train and prepare your staff, verify that your software is correctly installed and properly configured, and ensure your historical data is converted with integrity so that when you are ready to put our products to work they will perform to your expectations.

Software Implementation and Deployment

This service is designed to enhance pre-installation communications with the customer with the goal of greater post-installation customer satisfaction. We work with the customer to become familiar with key staff members, existing software systems, forms, reports, and operating procedures. We also discuss computer and network configuration, data conversion (if relevant), customer expectations, and set an implementation schedule.

Customer Training Services

We offer two training options designed to accelerate the learning process, instill user confidence, and quickly generate successes to build upon. Customers can choose the training method that is right for their situation and budget.

Our trainers are experienced instructors who clearly understand the needs and processes associated with public safety training organizations. Training is hands-on to maximize the learning experience. The trainer guides participants through the software and a series of exercises using special workbooks and correlated training data delivered with the product. The workbooks provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions that teach users how to perform all of the basic software functions.

If you are interested in training please let us know and we will promptly send you a written proposal customized to your situation and budget.

Data Conversion Services

We offer consulting and programming services to organizations needing to convert existing databases to a format compatible with our products. Organizations that lack qualified technical staff or whose technical resources are occupied with other projects will find this service invaluable. The costs associated with data conversion vary and depend on the format, complexity, and integrity of your existing data. Customers who use this service find that we are often able to improve the overall quality of their data in this process

Customized Reports / Utilities.

Our primary business is the development of turnkey software solutions for vertical markets. However, some customers occasionally have special needs that are unique to their organization and which are not satisfied by the standard features of our software. Perhaps they require one or more reports to arrange data in particular ways or special utilities that will save their staff hours of work. We offer professional software analysis, design, and development services to accommodate these needs. Customized features are added to a customer-specific menu within the standard product so users can access them easily without exiting the application.

We are committed to your success.

We are the largest provider of Academy and In-Service Training Systems in the country.

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