Communications Field Training Officer


This web-based system provides view and print access to personnel development records (employment, education, certifications, training and firearms qualifications) managed by our Law Enforcement Training Management product. Snapshot significantly reduces calls and inquiries by providing self-service capabilities to the organizations you serve, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Access by Organization - Snapshot provides secure access to personnel records by organization. A password provided to each organization limits access to personnel from the same organization only.
  • Employee List - Employees records are listed alphabetically with rank/position and employment status. Click on an employee display to view his or her records.
  • Employment History- View current and past employment events such as hire dates, promotions, suspensions, leave of absence, transfers, terminations, etc. Date, rank/position, level, classification, and assignment are displayed for each event. Employees can be associated with multiple organizations.
  • Certifications - View current and past certifications complete with award date, expiration date, and status.
  • Training Achievements- View completed training courses with date, course, credit hours, score, pass/fail, location, instructor and more.
  • Firearms Qualifications - View firearms qualifications, including date, weapon, score, pass/fail, application (daylight, low light, etc). This feature is optional and can be hidden to accommodate organizations that do not monitor firearms qualifications.