Skills Manager

Field  Training Officer

Law Enforcement Training Management

Law Enforcement Training Managment Software Solution, Skills Manager Software from Crown Pointe Technologies is the leading professional development system for public safety agencies. Skills Manager provides instant access to employee development records and improves reporting accuracy and efficiency.

Law Enforcement Training Managment Solution delivers the central control your organization needs in an easy to use multi-user records management system and reduces the effort expended on managing the process so you can concentrate on training. The system supplies all of the integrated tools you need to collect, maintain and report on your organization’s professional development records. Skills Manager cuts cost with powerful, yet easy-to-use queries and reports that will put accurate information at your fingertips just when you need it.

Skills Manager documents employees from the date of hire to date of termination.

  • Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization. The more that is known about an individual the more effectively they can be positioned within the organization.
  • Employees may be required to complete mandatory courses and/or accrue a minimum number of training hours within a period of time. Some employees may be certified after fulfilling certain requirements, and these employees may need to be re-certified periodically.
  • Skills Manager can construct a detailed portfolio for every employee. This portfolio can include biographic data, formal education, employment history, certifications, training, firearms qualifications, notes, and more.